The cold is setting in and snow depth is getting deeper. All things so far are indicating a good winter ahead, something we haven’t had in a few years. We have been out on the water recently during warmer weather, current weather is too cold for fishing. Expect temps to warm in the New Year. Good thing, because this is when we are offering discounted guide trips below the Dam.

$450 for 1-2 anglers full day guided float trip. Guide will provide flies and rods, you gotta bring your own lunch and drinks.  We get $750 for these trips during normal season, this is a killer deal! We are the outfitter that does most trips in Fontenelle/Seedskadee, so why not come out and book one of our local guides, the men on my team are ready to go, you say when.  We usually pick up mid-late January. Nymphing and Streamer fishing will be the ticket and if you’re lucky, there maybe some fish nosing up to adult insects you can throw a dry fly to and not blow it. Winter dry fly fishing opportunities require presentations that demand perfection, but there’s typically some really good fishing willing to play if you can execute and weather cooperates. If not, nymphing remains consistent for beginners – experts alike. The whitefish average 16-19″ and provide some serious fun aside from the trout. We have high catch rate during winter fishing trip specials of whitefish, many days hitting 30-50 whitefish in the net per boat. Almost non stop action between trout and whitie. These things are a force some days…other days, all we find is trout and zero whitie. We find bigger fish in the winter as well, some measured in pounds, not inches. So come get some!.

We are also booking 2023 pretty heavily right now. We have all the permits on the river and the most seasoned guides, so make sure to get your 2023 dates booked before all the primo permitted water is booked!

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