The 2022 season is finally coming to slow down, on the fishing side at least. Waterfowling is picking up. Winter has begun and we are taking a breather for the holidays. We have some cast and blast trips coming up through the holidays, but the slow down is nice to get! 2022 was a slamming busy season. Snowpack is looking good already as we have seen more snow than what we have gotten the last 2 falls. A promising sign and much needed start to the winter.

We are currently running discounted full day fishing trips through March. Price per boat is $450. Bring your own lunch/drinks, guide will have flies and rods if needed. Winter can be a great time to fish. So watch the weather, grab a buddy and give us a call! We have several local  guides who can help accommodate multi boat trips if needed. We are also doing pretty well on the trophy ducks.  If you want to get out for a guided duck hunt, now is a great time to call us, the numbers of birds are just beginning to get good. Price per gun is $250. We can accommodate larger groups of 3+ hunters. Bring your own gun, ammo lunch and drinks. Meeting time TBD on hunt conditions and venue selected.

Thanks to all the patrons of 2022! Fishing was tricky, but certainly panned out. We are booking 2023 at an unusual fast rate. So if you’re not on the schedule, it’d be in your best interest to give us a call and we can pick your adventure in 2023!

CALL TO BOOK FISHIN’ or HUNTIN’! (307) 360-3251