October is almost upon us and we are back in the warm weather. Congrats to Dave on a massive brown trout he got this week in a WFC guide boat. The recent rains saved the upper river as we are coming into the fall season. Guide trips have produced some incredible fish lately, they have also crushed the egos of many anglers used to Disneyland fisheries – dutch John, fort smith, grey reef etc….. Fishing is challenging right now, but rewarding.  Fish are moving around constantly it seems, feeding in different windows and the moss is moving. We are having some days where big fish are hitting and moss is minimal, other days, the fish are spotty and the moss moves. For the persistant angler, there are  great rewards. We saw a few fish over the 26″ mark in the last week, weighing into the double digit pound class.

The fall feed will pick up in the coming weeks as the salmon begin to grow in numbers throughout the river system. Come get some before the snow flies! We will be guiding into November, weather permitting. Give us a call and we will get you on the books. If you are looking for information to fish on your own (not guided), please call a local fly shop. We are an outfitter, not a fly shop trying to sell you the hot new flies for the river.