Summer has been great for us here at the Wyoming Fishing Company.  Many smiles and new friendships have been made!  Our current water flows are in good shape, especially compared to the last 2 summers on the Green and New Fork Rivers. Hay is being cut and the mice are on the move!  If you want to fish rodents or hoppers, now is the time to come on out and book a day or two on the rivers with us. As September approaches, the hopper bite will continue as the salmon begin the make their way into the river system.  The fall Kokanee Salmon run presents a great time to catch (not snag) colored up salmon pictured above! Not to mention the fiesty rainbows that stage behind them and gorge on eggs and aquatic insects.  Gives us a call and book your next fishing adventure with us, we have availability for multiple boat trips and permitted to guide the ENTIRE Green River in Wyoming.  CALL TO BOOK (307) 360-3251